Maintain Goal child, Achieve Goal parent: No Deactivation?

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Maintain Goal child, Achieve Goal parent: No Deactivation?

Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:40 pm

Maintain Goals can "stand alone" on the process map. In this case, they activate/complete/deactivate independently of whatever's happening under the Achieve Goal hierarchy.

In contrast, you can place a Maintain Goal "under" a parent Achieve Goal (connected via a Maintain Scope line) along with other Achieve Goals and Plans. However, it seems that in this case the Maintain Goal doesn't deactivate if its parent Achieve Goal deactivates. This contrasts with the behavior of its sibling Achieve Goals and Plans, which will Deactivate and be Interrupted, respectively.

Is this expected behavior?

C. Tampitsikas
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Re: Maintain Goal child, Achieve Goal parent: No Deactivati

Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:41 pm


If you put a "Maintain Goal" under an "Achieve goal" then the "Maintain Goal" will be inactive for as long as the "Achieve goal" is inactive or ready.

More details about the "Maintain goal" lifecycle you can find here:
Maintain Goal Lifecycle

But in case the "Maintain Goal" is running and all the sub tree "under" it is executed, the maintain condition is not checked. Only when the execution will finish, the "Maintain Goal" will be able to see that the "Achieve Goal" has become inactive -as in your case- and will become inactive too.

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