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LSPS Logout

Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:11 pm

The testers have identified the following.

The "Log Out Admin" button on the LSPS console doesn't work if you have an LTS window open.
To reproduce this I stated with a new browser
- Login to LTS as systemadmin
- click accept
- Click "LSPS Console"
- Login to LSPS as admin
- Click the "Log out admin" button. I expected to be logged out but nothing happened.

Is there some type of caching of the user credentials? is there a ttl for the session? What is a fix for this issue?

Maros Bajtos
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Re: LSPS Logout

Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:32 pm

This is related to single sign on mechanism of weblogic. For more information see: ... l#wp139365 ... l#wp150374

The solution to the problem is using different cookie for different web applications. See "Exempting a Web Application for Single Sign-on" section in the second link.

Rastislav Cesnek
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Re: LSPS Logout

Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:45 pm

If I understand correctly what you mean, this was already identified in LSPS on WebLogic.

WebLogic does not create separate session cookies for Web applications deployed in a single EAR, instead if you log int to multiple applications from one browser, the same session cookie will be used. The result is that you essentially cannot logout as WebLogic performs some sort of reference counting and never closes the session when you press logout.

To separate the applications, create/edit weblogic.xml in each Web module WEB-INF and use the following (adjusted to your environment):
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<weblogic-web-app xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

Where you substitue the [path] for the the context root of each particular application.

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