Migration from LSPS 3.0 to LSPS 3.1

Topics related to migration of applications to newer releases of LSPS.
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Migration from LSPS 3.0 to LSPS 3.1

Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:12 pm

To migrate application from LSPS 3.0 to LSPS 3.1, the following changes should be taken into account:

  • Forbidden characters in the name of modules and resources
    Do not use the characters # / ? : \ * " < > | in the names of modules and resources.

  • Stdlib task types reflection records
    Stdlib task types now generate Activity records with the name of the task. Check that there is not clash of names with existing records and tasks.

  • Instantiation of processes without start events
    Previously, if a process contained several Activities without incoming Flows, it was instantiated several times and each instance passed a token to one of the Activities with no incoming Flows. Now such a process is instantiated only once and tokens are passed to all Activities with no incoming Flow at once.

  • Non-interruptible Boundary Cancel Intermediate Event removed
    Boundary Cancel Intermediate Events are no longer interruptible. Check Boundary Cancel Intermediate Events in your process models for non-interruptible Boundary Cancel Intermediate Events. If a Process contains such an event, redesign the Process so that it uses the Boundary Cancel Intermediate Events as interruptible.

  • UIComponent no longer extends the Vaadin component
    Since UIComponent no longer extends the Vaadin component, you need to migrate all Java custom components by removing the fireUIEvent() method and implementing the function
    Code: Select all
    public AbstractComponent getWidget() {
       return this;

  • JSF Process Application and Process Management Console removed
    The JSF versions of Process Application and Process Management Console have been removed. Only their Vaadin versions is now delivered and supported. All models that use form item based UI must be remodeled to UI Component based UI.

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